• American White Pelican / Photo by Wascana Centre Authority

Bird Check List

The check list for birds in Wascana centre can be found at http://wascana.ca/pub/documents/parks/Wascana_Bird_Checklist_01.pdf

How many of these birds have you seen? 

Bird Banding

See ‘Bird Banding in Wascana Marsh’ http://www.wascanamarsh.ca/events-and-projects/bird-banding  for more detailed information on birds found in the naturalized area during the MAPS banding season. Around 50 different species have been captured and released from the mist nets.

The Avibase Website

The Avibase website has noted 320 bird species have passed through Regina at some point during recorded history.  A checklist of bird sightings in all of the Regina area can be found on the Avibase – World Bird Database. Since it’s too lengthy to post here one can access it by going to avibase.bsc-eoc.org.

It is based on a wide variety of sources that were collated over many years. Many of these birds will be migrants only seen in the spring and fall migration or simply flying over Regina.

  • Number of species – 320
  • Number of globally threatened species – 3 (Whooping Crane, Sprague’s Pipit and Rusty Blackbird)
  • Number of extinct species – 1 (Passenger Pigeon)
  • Number of introduced species – 9 (Mute Swan, Ring-necked Pheasant, Wild Turkey, Grey Partridge, Rock Pigeon, House Finch, European Starling, Eurasian-collared Dove and House Sparrow)