• American White Pelican / Photo by Wascana Centre Authority

Flora of the Marsh

Plants of the Wascana Marsh and Uplands 

Native Plants of the Regina Plains

Compiled by the University of Regina

This checklist was developed from historic Regina & area collection records from the George Ledingham Herbarium at the University of Regina. There have been many changes since the list was compiled, including the “The Big Dig” and subsequent plantings. Therefore the presence or absence of these species is not known at this time. Those with an ‘*’ are introduced species and in some cases invasive species are currently being removed through various management practices. This list was compiled approximately 30 years ago. Though valuable, it may leave the incorrect impression that Wascana Centre is awash with native plants. An updated biological assessment (showing species distribution mapping, frequency, dominant vegetation and prairie/wetland health descriptors) would be helpful in moving forward with management remediation recommendations to support a working ecosystem reflective of the Moist Mixed Grassland Ecoregion and Regina Plain Landscape Area.