• American White Pelican / Photo by Wascana Centre Authority

Wascana Centre

The City of Regina created Wascana Park between College Avenue and Wascana Creek. Wascana Centre Authority was formally constituted in 1962 by an Act of the Saskatchewan Legislature which formed a unique partnership amongst the Province of Saskatchewan, the City of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan (now University of Regina). The Authority provides oversight and stewardship of these precious lands in a cooperative and collaborative manner to fulfill the vision of being a place of recreation and beauty for all to enjoy throughout the seasons – the pride of Saskatchewan.

The Wascana Centre Authority mandate, outlined in the Act, ensures that the area surrounding Wascana Lake in the City of Regina, known as Wascana Centre, is devoted to five core functions. These are:

  • development of the seat of government;
  • enlargement of educational opportunities;
  • advancement of the cultural arts;
  • improvement of recreational facilities; and
  • conservation of the environment.

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