• American White Pelican / Photo by Wascana Centre Authority


Wascana Creek and Wascana Lake are part of the Wascana Creek watershed which flows eventually into the Qu’Appelle River watershed. The Upper Qu’Appelle watershed is made up of four sub-watersheds, Upper Qu’Appelle, Wascana Creek, Last Mountain Lake and the Lanigan/Manitou sub-watershed. It then continues to the Lower Qu’Appelle River and into the Assiniboine River. The water will join the Red River at The Forks in Winnipeg and then eventually flow into Hudson’s Bay where it becomes part of the environment for polar bears and beluga whales.

The low overall riparian health rating of Wascana Creek is evidently attributable to alterations to the natural and long term hydrograph, and the presence of invasive plant species. The current poor structural condition has not been caused by local management or local environmental conditions, but by larger climatic and watershed influences. More information can be found on the WUQWATR website. This is a non-profit organization formed by local residents to support and direct the implementation of the the Upper Qu’Appelle River and Wascana Creek Watersheds Source Water Protection Plan called “Taking Responsibility?”.

Watershed Security Agency (www.wsask.ca)