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As with any membership supported and driven organization, everything that is done by the Friends is done by a member and/or a volunteer. It is also recognized that much of our natural habitat, especially important landscapes like the Wascana Marsh, need individuals and groups to be a friend … to look out for it, to nurture it, and to support it.

Be a Friend!

Part of our role is to be sentinels for concern, to be aware of what is happening around us and to bring this information to the attention of our community, our elected officials and their administration.

Part of our role is to encourage and support the growing understanding of what a marsh is and the value that it plays in our local and regional environment. This can be done through various events and activities like nature walks, slide shows, talks, and festivals like Wings Over Wascana.

We are part of a community that sees the need for improvements and facilities to strengthen our knowledge about the importance of wetlands and wildlife without unduly putting more pressure on the landscape. With the addition of boardwalks, viewing towers, pathways, and interpretive signage, we can facilitate a more pleasurable and intense love for the nature around us.

We need your support!

But all of this takes people, time, money and organization. That is where you can help - whether by simply becoming a member, writing letters, informing others, joining the Board, volunteering your time, or donating money to one of our interpretive projects. Any gesture of support is important and appreciated!

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